Monday, November 21, 2011

Internet Marketing : What do you Should Learn

What the Basic Internet do you must have for Internet Marketing

Introduction to Internet Marketing
-Learn the basic of online business and internet marketing. THis introductory module will share do's and don'ts of online business and internet marketing. With examples of real life success stories and also failures, students will learn from the first step of hoe to start a succesful internet business from ground up.

Website design & Development
-Every business need a web presence nowadays. A website should not just be pleasing to the eye aesthetically, but also businesses must develop websites that are both interactive and engaging. This modulewill walk through the design and devolepmentside of a web presence.

Online copywriting and web pr
-On the Internet, content is king.The module will teach how to create bold stories,videos, and blog posts that cultivate fans, arouse passion to sell more products and services on the internet. Learn the techniques of online copywriting and web pr

Online advertising Strategies
-This module will cover the topic of online advertising, from the psychology of selling online, to the design of a succesful advertising campaign. With the high number of online advertisements on the internet with low ROI, students will learn the strategies on how to create advertising campaigns that actually works.

Email Marketing
-One the most important from of marketing strategies online is email marketing. This module cover the topics of email marketing strategies and teaches the techniques of using email in getting more new costumers, encourges current customer loyalty and generate repeat business to maximise profits

Search Engine Optimisition
-Improving the visibility of a website in the search engine is a must for any businesses. This Module will cover the important topic of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) where students will learn the ways on giving greater visibility for businesses on multiple searh engine to attain highter traffic for a website.

Social Media Marketing
With the emergence of Blogs, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many more social mediaplatforms, business now have more way to build brand, increase engagement and create credibility. Social media is a norm nowdays, meaning businesses that do not fully utilise these platforms are losing a huge market share. This module will cover the topic of social Media Marketing

Web Analytics & Convertion Optimisation
- Learning the number, the behaviour and the response of visitors to a website will enablebusinesses to track and improve the success rate of a website. Using Web analytics tools, businesses will be able to analyse the effectiveness of website and also a marketing campaign. This module will cover the topic the Web Analytics and conversation that most businesses overlook.
Mobile Marketing
-With a wave of mobile technology hitting the market, businesses have to know how this new technology will impact them. Mobile marketing module will cover how these small gadgets will create a huge impact on the world of marketing today. To achieve the competitive edge in any businesses, mobile marketing should be one of the weapos in a business arsenal.
Internet Marketing Strategy
-The best marketing strategy is attain by the best marketing mix of internet and social media marketing techniques . This final module will put everthing learned through the whole length of the course together to achive the result of online profits!

Why Learning
Understand and apply knowledge in developing websites for business
develop skills in doing online advertising/marketing via websites
develop effective strategies in online marketing through social media
understand SEO SEM as well as optimising its benefits for your benefits
Understand technique in intergrating new wave technologies/gadgets into your marketing plan
understand the importance of online content management

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